The first annual Yokota-Con at the Yokota Air Base in Tokyo! October 19th!

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Tokyo Direct is co-producing and is a sponsor of the first annual Yokota-Con on October 19th at the Yokota Air Base near Fussa Station in Tokyo. We will bring 5 LIVE PAINT ARTISTS (to be announced one by one), one live paint Sumi Ink artist, an animation studio, a Marvel/DC artist, a big surprise studio, and a Pop Up Godzilla Shop from Toho themselves! A very unique event! (*Note year one is a CLOSED BASE EVENT so people need security clearance and it is mostly for occupants of the base which number over 12,000. However, year 2 will be an OPEN BASE EVENT! That means anyone will be able to come and enter to check out all the cool stuff going on. Stay tuned!)

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