VISION GATE curated by MoMA lands Acky Bright exhibition at Haneda and Narita!

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Paola Antonelli (Curator) Comment:

Acky Bright is one of the brightest stars in the firmament of manga, the distinctive brand of Japanese comics. He grew up steeped in its sources and inspiration, feeding his own talent with a steady diet of golden-age manga and anime, graffiti, live-action movies, and international pop culture. His quick drawings and live paint performances are demonstrations this unique form of visual expression, traditionally in black and white, and dynamic inside and outside the drawing frame. For VISION GATE, he has chosen to give us flashes of the city that awaits travelers outside of this airport.

Acky Bright (Artist) Comment:

Shibuya, the evolving cyber city. Harajuku, ground zero of the pop culture. Akihabara, area where you can feel and be lost into the world of anime. In the contrast, many historical areas without much changes in hundreds of years since the Edo period still exist. Tokyo is truly a city of juxtapositions, where the tradition and innovation meet and coexist. I created this work using the format of a traditional picture scrolls such as “Choju-giga (Frolicking Animals)”, which said to be the origin of manga, and combined with the modern manga techniques. Also I’ve used portable tablet for my drawings and mixed them in the videography so that I could merge the concept of “tradition and innovation” to present the city of Tokyo. Welcome to Theme Park Tokyo.

Video direction, Editing: OHNO Satoru Cooperation: DLE,inc / Tokyo Direct

Check out TokyoDirect & Acky Bright’s new project at Tokyo Airports Haneda and Narita!

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