Tokyo Direct is an original IP creator, talent manager, producer and Japan-International consulting company. Contact us using the buttons below.

We produce or supply elements for events such as comic cons, parties, gallery shows, etc.

We work with cool Japanese artists who do everything from live painting to design, illustration and comics. Inquire about booking one or becoming one.

We help international companies work in the Japanese market. We also help Japanese companies appeal to the outside.

We make original designs, illustrations, comics, digital media, video, and have produced and written TV and film.

Contact us to license our designs for products, ask us to create new designs or to collaborate.


Sean McPhillips

TD Founder / Producer / Writer

Former VP of acquisitions Miramax Films, Tribeca Filmmaker, Director/Programmer of the Gold Coast International Film Festival in NYC, SVP Tokyo-based DLE, Inc. Currently producing design collaborations, events and writing manga.


Acky Bright

Creative Chief / Manga artist / Designer

Founder/Owner, Tokyo-based design firm Bright Works, manga artist, producer and planner, commercial/creative (design, manga titles, advertising).

Timo Josten

Executive Producer

Former Google (analytics specialist), commercial producer for Chimney Group, Current entrepreneur/founder, East & SmashStuffTV, Singapore specializing in business development & brand building.

Noriko Nishiguchi

CEO Tokyo Direct Co Ltd. (Japan)

Former Movie producer of C&I Entertainment, Current producer, specializing in brand consulting with overseas companies. Strategic production partner with TD international.