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Tokyo Direct at Yokota-Con: Hidekichi Shigemoto, Sumi Ink LIVE PAINT! October 19!

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We are honored to announce: Japan’s #1 Sumi Ink artist, SHIGEMOTO HIDEKICHI will come do a LIVE PAINT on stage at Yokota-Con!! Oct 19!

SHIGEMOTO is most famous for his non-traditional subjects using Sumi Ink (a traditional type of ink passed down through thousands of years in Asian territories you might have seen). He has been commissioned to paint Star Wars characters, Gundam robots, Beijing Olympics, and even Michael Jordan when he did a series for the NBA!

Shigemoto will take the stage to music and do a live paint on a large piece of Japanese “washi” paper. The design will be his original fantasy idea. Also, during the event, he will have a booth where he signs his original book NEO BLACK!

His live work will be donated to be displayed at the Yokota Air Base after the show!


The first annual Yokota-Con at the Yokota Air Base in Tokyo! October 19th!

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Tokyo Direct is co-producing and is a sponsor of the first annual Yokota-Con on October 19th at the Yokota Air Base near Fussa Station in Tokyo. We will bring 5 LIVE PAINT ARTISTS (to be announced one by one), one live paint Sumi Ink artist, an animation studio, a Marvel/DC artist, a big surprise studio, and a Pop Up Godzilla Shop from Toho themselves! A very unique event! (*Note year one is a CLOSED BASE EVENT so people need security clearance and it is mostly for occupants of the base which number over 12,000. However, year 2 will be an OPEN BASE EVENT! That means anyone will be able to come and enter to check out all the cool stuff going on. Stay tuned!)

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Anime Expo 2019! Shinnosuke Uchida is invited as a Featured Artist!

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Live paint wall manga artist Shinnosuke Uchida has been invited as a Featured Artist to perform a large scale piece of artwork during the 2019 Anime Expo in downtown Los Angeles, California. This will be the first year the famed Expo includes live painting in its repertoire and they have chosen only two artists – Uchida from Tokyo and a local California artist Jared Yamahata. The location of the paint will occur in the section known as The Annex which also houses Artist’s Alley. In this spot, Tokyo Direct will arrange a booth to sell original, limited edition T-shirts and other items while showcasing the work of various Japanese pop artists.

The event runs July 4-7 at the LA Convention Center with Uchida’s large scale artwork being auctioned for charity on the 7th along with 5 smaller items of note.

Tokyo Direct booth at The Annex is: ANX-D3

Check out the announcement at the Anime Expo Blog here: http://www.anime-expo.org/2019/05/31/annex-feature-live-art-shinnosuke-uchida-jared-yamahata/