From artist Acky Bright of Brightworks comes a DLE (Dream Link Entertainment) and Tokyo Direct co-production. A manga about kawaii transforming girls who are weapons of the government, used to fight terrorism but who start to emerge as individualist people like humans, leading their handlers to reassess the potential dangers of “living weapons.”

“Shin” means new in Japanese. This is SHIN HENKEI SHOUJO due to a previous DLE IP called simply Henkei Shoujo (Transforming Girls) that began as a short animation series, racking up millions of views and then producing one manga book.

DLE wanted a reboot so they chose Tokyo Direct and artist partner Acky Bright to handle creative. This resulted in a total reimagining of the property from a hard sci-fi standpoint. New girls, new story, new weapons, new vehicles, new villains, new everything. Hence SHIN HENKEI SHOUJO! (New Transforming Girls)

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Acky Bright is a Japanese artist whose resume includes crafting a “cool Japan” variant of Optimus Prime for Hasbro’s Transformers, creating a MoMA-curated moving illustration exhibited at Narita and Haneda airports in Japan to welcome those for the 2021 Olympic Games, a months-long manga (Heroes of Rivalry) drawn for BMW’s League of Legends collaboration, several solo exhibitions produced by entities such as Parco in Japan and a few top-secret big-name IP art projects – with more to come!

Acky Bright’s star keeps rising and this is why we believe this first batch of NFTs, from the hand-drawn artwork of his first long-term manga series, are valuable and will appreciate in value over time as his accomplishments grow.


This NFT collection exists with a purpose, and that is to ensure the completion of the SHIN HENKEI SHOUJO manga. The producers and artist embarked on a risky plan to release new artwork and story (in Japanese, English and Spanish to start) with the aim of completing book #1 in 6-8 months time. This means zero income until after a book can be published (also no guarantee of outcome). Since NFT’s have become a potential way for artists to support their projects, this selection and these releases are a form of crowdfunding or “paid social networking” for the artist/writer/producers of the series. If it does well, the manga continues.

We thank everyone for supporting the series!

For the SHIN HENKEI SHOUJO manga NFT series, the original manga pages have been augmented into a motion comic, with original elements such as voice, music, lighting and sound effects added to create a very unique set of art properties.

The production team have started off making limited runs of 4 types of NFTs. MANGA PAGES, STILL IMAGES, TIME LAPSE and KEY ART. Each one has a different level of rarity but all are quite rare. These first images are in very limited quantity, and later drops will keep adding new, original pages to the selection as well as different, unique bundles. Our goal is to please collectors and fans and we will move forward with that as our top aim.


It stands for “Non-Fungible Token” and is a next level in how fans and investors collect and trade items. These assets exist in the growing world of digital assets. They represent real-world objects like art, music, in-game items and videos. Bought and sold online (mostly with cryptocurrency), they are encoded with the same underlying software as most cryptos, making them verifiably unique.

Although NFT’s have existed since 2014 they have gained notoriety during 2018-2021 and became an increasingly popular way to buy and sell digital artwork. About $180 million has been spent on NFT’s since November of 2017.

NFT’s are part of a larger, growing realm of authenticated original items that live on a blockchain. The world of crypto in 2021 is now large enough to require zero traditional funding such as from banks or venture capital.

The NFT market was haywire for a while but over the next few years there will be a refining of the process and products. While some predict a bubble, most are looking at this as here to stay for a long time.

Our perspective is that people have always collected and they will continue to do so with this new medium. The increase in gamification in our world exponentially expands by the month, lending validity to this method of collecting.