The first in a series of Tokyo “Vanpaire” images. “Vanpaire” is spelled with the English

variant of the Japanese ヴァンパイヤ to distinguish it from other Vampire projects in a Japanese way.

A story for these tough, smart, but bored and funny Tokyo “Vanpaires” is currently being written.

Second character in the Tokyo “Vanpaire” story.

When you enter a Maid Cafe in Akihabara, they tell you very clearly not to touch the maids.

In this case, a customer got a little too handsy and our vanpaire maid taught him a lesson.

Items are good for horror, maid, halloween, Japan pop culture fans.

Update of the Ramen Vanpaire, this time she’s having her way with the staff of a sushi-go-round and gives Hannibal Lechter a run for his money in presentation.

Another character in the Tokyo Vanpaire series, this time enjoying “Natsu matsuri” or summer festival. Look close and you’ll see her version of Japan’s delicious “dango” on a stick – human eyeballs.

  • Project Type: Original character design
  • Artist Shinnosuke Uchida
  • Project Year 2017, 2018